Thursday, January 20, 2011

Welcome and Goodbye!

You know who you are. Yes, you, who said hello and turned around without ever giving me another consideration.

Too many times you freely grab my excited possibilities and open-considerations only to say, nope, not for me. Why? Oh, darn, you see something different than you are used to. Oh, my! So sorry to inconvenience you and your stubborn, stuck, dug-in, overpaid, under-produced, not-so-safe system. 

Dare I say that many tools, gadgets, and products have different functions that force users to dictate user input in a different manner. Why then, when you come and see me, and maybe you stumble upon a challenge, or maybe something is placed in a different spot than you are used to, do you push the hard-reset button, shutting me off, throwing me over board and never giving me another thought?

I find this whole scenario occurring so often and yet there really isn't much difference, except in the cost of hanging out with me. 

The other options you look at seem to say, hey, use me, I will take your money, I will make using me difficult, and I will oppress you Stalin-Style. Why don't you just go make your nightly death list as Stalin did? 

Give me a try. The input comes from the same spot, the output appears at the same spot and yet, I am free. Next time, you know, because I am free to try, and you know you may try me again, instead of welcoming me into your home with those open arms and making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside only for you to realize I am different, don't be like all the others, and say Goodbye! How about trying to learn all about me and my inner-workings, my inner-beauty. Please don't say Welcome and then turn around and quickly say Goodbye!