Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Best Buy?

This posting isn't exactly about linux, pro or con. It is more of a rant after a recent observation.

First, I admit that I do shop at Best Buy. Yes, this is actually where this posting gained fruition. I was shopping Best Buy for a certain product. Product aside, I am standing there waiting for service - which I could live with waiting for a few minutes - and I overhear a gentleman, who happens to be purchasing a new computer speaking to a salesperson.

This gentleman asks the salesperson if he would need any more parts to transfer his word document files from one hard drive to another. The salesperson cough-graciously-cough-not-really-cough explains that the tech-people they call a geek squad would do that for him for a measly little fee of 99 dollars.

The gentleman then asks if he would need the new Microsoft Office suite. All honesty in play, I did not hear part of the salesperson's answer. I did hear the tail end of the reply which was something like, and we can get that right over here.

OK, so at this point, I am getting mighty close to the two people to overhear their conversation and the sales person kindly acknowledged me and offers that I will be helped in a moment. That is fine. I didn't hear anymore of their conversation. All I saw was this poor elderly man checking out his new computer and MS Office suite.

After all that, I am just pissed off. Why do these ridiculous sales people take advantage of elderly folks or anyone who doesn't know anything about a specific topic?

Why can't the sales people at this store and any other like it suggest, maybe to only the elderly who aren't rich, that there are alternatives out there, such as LibreOffice?

Why can't people just do what is kind and courteous and offer nice suggestions and tips without having a profit at the end?

I know, I know, it is all for profit. If only I could figure out a way to spread the word to the masses that they have options, choices.

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  1. This is the way to spread the word to the masses, Now you just to need to direct the masses here.